Tree & Shrub Care Alpharetta GA

Though lawn care is in our name, our company does not only see to the health of your turf. For the last two decades, our service has consisted of looking after all our clients' outdoor plant life. Though your yards consist of the largest area of your landscape, replacing a section of browned out grass is will be cheaper than having to buy new shrubs, or a large tree that helps provide relief in your air conditioning bills by giving your house needed shade. Within the region of Alpharetta, Picture Perfect Lawn Care will do everything possible to protect these valuable investments. Through our continuous education, we stay abreast of the newest scientific advances in tree and shrub care in terms of products and techniques. Our employees are trained in these methods, and will be more qualified than our competition. Picture Perfect Lawn Care's tree and shrub care program is done in six steps throughout the year. Beginning in the first months of the year, we come out and apply a horticultural dormant oil to each of the flora. The job of this oil is to smother any eggs that may have been laid there in preparation for the colder months, as well as any adults that may have burrowed within. During the spring, your plants will receive the first pesticide and fungicide treatments, along with a foliar feeding. This fertilization technique is applied directly to your plants' leaves. This Bayer liquid product soaks in immediately. It is able to gauge the immune system of each individual flora after opening its pores, acting as a botanical equivalent of penicillin. It also provides micronutrients that serve to enhance the color, stimulate growth, and promote a deeper root system. The third visit consists of insect and disease control treatments for bug species that become more active as the weather gets considerably hotter. Perhaps the most notorious of these insects is the Japanese beetle. Anyone who has lived in the area for any length of time is aware of the damage they are capable of, eating plants without much discrimination. The fourth visit occurs in the middle of summer, and is another round of insect and anti-fungal agents. Bugs that love the hot summer temperatures will be effectively repelled. Pest control is very critical at this time of year, when the trees and shrubs are the most stressed from the heat. As autumn hits, and the temperatures begin to moderate, we apply more fungal and insect control products to your plant life, to drive away the bugs that prefer the transitional period of hot to warm weather. Finally, when the weather has cooled off, we come for our last visit of the year. This will take place in October or November, where the winterization process takes place. This is a more involved visit, giving your plants the annual fertilization of the roots. It is a slow release product that will keep your shrubs and trees adequately nourished during the coolest months of the year. These micronutrients will promote the deepening of the root system, stimulate healthier new growth for the upcoming spring, and preserve the color during the time of reduced activity. Are you interested in providing your valuable plant investments in your landscape with the best protection possible? If you are in the Alpharetta area, look no further than Picture Perfect Lawn Care. All of our lawn care services and yard services are done with maximum effort and unmatched knowledge. Give us a call today.