Tree & Shrub Care

Six-Step Tree & Shrub Care Program

Six-Step Tree & Shrub Care Program

Picture Perfect’s six-step tree and shrub care program aims to keep your trees and shrubs looking picturesque the entire year. Georgia doesn’t see too many colder days, so we aim to protect your greenery from being bombarded with weeds, heat stress, insect damage, and tree disease.

Our main goal is to ensure your trees and shrubs are properly taken care of. When greenery is left unattended for even part of the year, it can create problems for the rest of the tree’s life. Once issues are set in motion, they are recurring.

With applications ranging from the very beginning to spring to well into the winter, you won’t have to worry about your trees being neglected seasonally. Our team members have extensive experience and knowledge that allows your shrubbery to thrive.

Our six-step care program is as follows:

Our six-step care program is as follows:

Early Spring

For smothering insect eggs to reduce population growth and stopping the infestation before it reaches your greenery, we’ll apply a round of Horticultural Oil.


To control insect populations, prevent damaging diseases, and provide micronutrients for enhancing color, growth, and a healthy root system, our experts use foliar feeding for insect and disease control.

Early Summer

To control insects and diseases, we’ll apply a treatment that deters disease-carrying insects from making their home in your trees and shrubs to begin with. During this time, we attack the Japanese Beetles as well, who are the culprit for issues with grub infestations.


Heat stress will inevitably attract more insects to your trees and shrubs, so for this treatment, we will apply another round of insect and disease control.

Late Fall

Right about this time is when your greenery will be recovering from summer stress, so to protect them from further damage, insect and disease control applications will be implemented.


During this time, annual root-zone fertilization will be performed as a slow-release fertilizer that will provide your trees and shrubs with nutrients needed to promote a healthy root system, new growth, and colorful blooms for the upcoming growing season.


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