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Get a Picture Perfect Lawn

Get a Picture Perfect Lawn

Picture Perfect’s lawn care program is extensive and worthwhile. Whether your needs include tackling pesky seasonal weeds or working towards a healthier turf by providing it with the nutrients it will need to thrive, our experts have the perfect year-long lawn care program for our customers.

Spring Treatment

We’ll go in with a pre- and post-emergent to start controlling weeds. This will help prevent tough, recurring spring weeds like crabgrass and will supply your turf with the nutrients it needs before summer hits. This beginning treatment applies to fescue turf as well.

Early Summer

This application provides the nutrients your turf needs to grow greener and fuller through fertilization and post-emergent weed control. For fescue grass, we will treat with a blanket application of chelated iron in addition to the weed control.



Using a balanced, time-release fertilizer and another round of post-emergent weed control to help protect your turf against the summer heat. Any existing weeds will be spot-treated. For fescue turf, we will apply a calcium supplement to correct any pH levels that are off in your soil which will properly prepare it for aeration and seeding later in the year.

Late Summer

With another round of fertilizer and weed control, this treatment will prolong the health and bright color of your lawn. We will treat fescue turf with another application of weed control for those stubborn summer weeds.

Early Fall

Pre- and post-emergent weed control with deep-root fertilization which will provide a barrier against winter weeds and continuously develop a strong root system. Fescue turf will receive treatment for weeds in order to prepare it for aeration and seeding.

Late Fall

Late Fall

Winterizing your lawn is important to provide a barrier against harsh weather conditions and winter’s version of crabgrass. We’ll treat with a fall pre- and post-emergent weed control as well as potassium to begin the winterizing process. Fescue turf receives a balanced, time-release fertilizer.


We’ll come in with cal-turf and post-emergent weed control which will help raise the pH levels and low acidity to provide the soil’s composition for the upcoming season. We’ll also spot treat any weeds and ensure fescue turd receives a high-nitrogen fertilizer to promote color, growth, and a strong root system.


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