Aeration & Seeding

Picture Perfect’s Aeration and Overseeding Program

Picture Perfect’s Aeration and Overseeding Program

Our team will tackle your yard with a four-step treatment process, starting in May and spread out evenly through midsummer to keep your lawn healthy and full of color. To prepare your lawn for winter, we provide aeration and overseeding services in the early fall months as well. This method will ensure that your lawn can absorb nutrients properly throughout the summer and then stay healthy in order to come back next spring season thriving. We know that for our clients, fungicides can also be an issue, so when they begin to appear, we offer another four-step treatment process that works to keep them at bay. Aeration and overseeding can be a helpful solution to things like brown patch in fescue grass and dollar spot in bermudagrass.

What is Aeration?

What is Aeration?

When your lawn isn’t getting enough nutrients, it’s not necessarily that you aren’t providing the nutrients. What is more likely is that your lawn has become so compact that it cannot soak up the ones given to it through watering and fertilization. With aeration, the soil of your lawn would be penetrated to create pockets of air that allow water and nutrients to flow through the turf completely.

What is Overseeding?

When your lawn is struggling but isn’t quite ready for new sod installation, overseeding is your first stop. Overseeding is spreading a generous amount of grass seed to your current lawn. This is so if it’s thinning or having a hard time staying green and full, the seed will replant and add to what you have left of your lawn; making it better in the long run.

Why Do We Pair Them Together?

Aeration alone can still be beneficial in some ways to your yard, by allowing water to hydrate beneath the soil. However, without aeration, overseeding can be almost ineffective altogether. When your turf is being overseeded without the preparation of aeration, the soil won’t be as effective. Overseeding is always done after aeration so that the soil will be properly prepared to accept the nutrients from the new lawn seed.


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