Off-Season Tree and Shrub Care for Your Landscape

Although the temperatures in Georgia during November tend to vary from a warm fall day at 73 degrees to a cool, below freezing night at 28 degrees, tree and shrub care are still important. It will never be a good idea to neglect your landscape greenery because you will always regret it when they don’t bloom as expected when spring comes back around. Although perfectly healthy, middle-aged trees and shrubs can survive through the winter and have no issues, not all trees are healthy or at the proper age for that.

Some of the top things you can do to ensure your trees and shrubs are properly taken care of are…

Insect and Disease Control

This time of year, it might not cross your mind to ensure your trees and shrubs are protected from insects. It’s likely because with fall and winter, come the fall of many insects. You’ll notice fewer mosquitoes and pests invading your home and more comfort when you spend time outdoors. Additionally, with Dollar Spot and Large Patch Fungus as common lawn diseases found here in Georgia, you’ll want to ensure you are covered. By choosing to treat your landscaping with insect and disease control applications in the fall, you can rest assured that your trees and shrubs will be protected all year long.

Deep-Root Fertilization

This type of fertilization is done beneath the surface of the soil to ensure it is more effective than topsoil seeding. The injections are done about 14 inches deep into the roots of your trees and shrubs, to ensure each part of the roots are being reached. Deep-root feedings are done in a grid-like pattern to ensure no part of the tree’s roots is being messed. By using a slow-release fertilizer as well, you will be sure that your trees and shrubs will be healthier, happier, and fully regrow in the upcoming warm-season. Without a winter fertilizer, it is likely that your trees will suffer from winter stress like dehydration and cold fronts, which will affect all greenery but especially newly planted or ones that have health issues, to begin with.

Are You Ready to Protect Trees and Shrubs? Picture Perfect is the Best Around! 

Georgia is our home and we are very familiar with what the trees and shrubs need to thrive in the area. No one is better suited for the job of perfecting the health of your greenery, making sure that your landscaping is bright, healthy, and attractive all year long. If you are preoccupied with life’s stresses like the current pandemic, the holidays coming up, remote working, and many other outside factors, you shouldn’t have to worry about your trees and shrubs as well.

Let Picture Perfect take not the responsibility for you. When our clients decide to take control of their trees and shrubs, you can reach us at 678-771-6655, or online through our contact page. If you are interested in keeping up with us through our social media, check out our Facebook page. Additionally, you can learn quite a bit about lawn care on our monthly blogs like this one.

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