Mosquito Control Alpharetta GA

There are several insect pests that can cause damage to a homeowner's property, as well as their turf and plant life. However, insect threats go beyond that of the flora. To do the complete job of lawn care, a company has to optimize the yard for all of its purposes. While having a lawn that is neatly mowed and healthy can definitely have an effect on your property value, the purpose of your outside goes well beyond that. Yards are not only meant to be looked at, but also to be lived in. We know that to improve the quality of daily activities in the yard, not only must your plants be protected from their own pests, you and your family, including your pets, also have to be guarded against the insects who would prefer to prey on your blood. That is why we have developed the most effective mosquito control program in the entire area. Our products work so well, that they are not limited to repelling mosquitoes. They also drive away fleas, ticks, and flies. Picture Perfect advertises this lawn care service as control, because it is the honest thing to say. No matter how well your products work, no matter how superior your staff is, total eradication can never be guaranteed. There will always be a few stubborn fighters that are resistant to repellants. Though, we will guarantee the number reduction will be severe enough that you will be able to enjoy an evening outside in your yard without fear of being completely eaten alive. Our technicians are well versed in the behavior of mosquitoes. Their presence in terms of numbers will vary in each property, even if they are located in the same neighborhood. We know that they like to take refuge under your deck, and in any other shaded area of your property. Near bushes, underneath the trees are popular daytime hangouts. We also know where they like to reproduce. If you have standing water anywhere, such as on tarp, or a birdbath, or if water collects in an area of your landscape, that is where their eggs will be laid. And it is those areas that will be especially targeted with our chemicals that will not harm humans or pets. A strong invisible barrier will be placed around your outside property, making it a very unfavorable place for them to dwell. Each of our visits should last approximately one month, which is partially dependent on the weather. Tips for you to further help yourself with this problem is to keep your yard and roofs free of debris. You should regularly change the water in your birdbaths. If you have an outside trash bin, drill small holes in the bottom of it to let any rainwater flow out. Any leaky outdoor faucets should be promptly repaired. Should you use tarp, regularly remove any water that may collect there. Should you have any questions about our products, or need any concerns addressed, do not hesitate to call us or bring them to the attention of our staff when we come to treat your property. Their competence is matched only by their approachability. We look forward to building a long term working partnership with you. Serving the Alpharetta area since 1997, please call us today.