Canton, Georgia Residents Take Pride in Their Trees and Shrubs

Canton, Georgia Residents Take Pride in Their Trees and Shrubs

Located between Atlanta and the Blue Ridge Mountains, Canton, Georgia, offers scenic views of mountains and the Etowah River. With forest and trees surrounding our city, it’s no wonder the residents of Canton, Georgia, take such pride in their trees and shrubs. Unfortunately, there will always be insects and diseases that can intrude upon our decorative lawn ornaments.

At Picture Perfect, we understand how important your beloved greenery is in Canton and have the understanding and knowledge needed to keep them healthy and protected year-round. That’s why we are equipped to fight off some of the most common tree diseases and insects including the invasive, and destructive Japanese beetle.

Don’t Allow Japanese Beetles to Invade Your Trees and Shrubs

Japanese beetles are an invasive pest that is not only a very destructive lawn insect but can cause extensive damage to your trees and shrubs. They munch on anything they can come across, including your lawn, trees, shrubs, flowers, and garden. They are particularly attracted to rose bushes, linden, elm trees, and grapevines. These beetles destroy the leaves of plants by eating the tissue between the veins, leaving only brown skeletal remains. If given enough time, these ravenous bugs can completely defoliate a tree. For small infestations in early spring, try hand-picking or knocking them into a bucket of soapy water. There are over the counter insecticides you can purchase, but most store-bought products will not deter Japanese beetles from coming back the following year. Your best defense against Japanese beetles is a tree and shrub care program.

Our Six-Step Program

Our Six-Step Program

Picture Perfect’s six-step tree and shrub care program aims to keep your trees and shrubs healthy, beautiful, and fully protected from both disease and insects, including the Japanese beetle. Our six-step program includes six different applications that start in the spring and end in winter.

Our applications include the following:

  • Micronutrients to enhance color, growth, and a healthy root system
  • Insect and disease control including Japanese Beetles
  • Horticultural oil to reduce insect populations
  • Annual root-zone fertilization to promote a healthy root system

Contact us now to learn more about our tree and shrub care program or any of our lawn care services and find out how we make your yard look picture perfect.

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