Alpharetta, Georgia

Alpharetta, Georgia

We want to be able to tackle all the issues that lie within the areas that we serve. Alpharetta is no different! Conquering soil issues and thinning grass in this area is important to the team at Picture Perfect for our customers in Alpharetta!

That’s why we have an extensive program for aeration and overseeding to be able to create the best return on investment that we can by providing a much better curbside appeal in your neighborhood. By creating a fuller, more attractive lawn, your outdoor space will look more appealing and inviting. If you were to put on a celebration like a graduation party or a summer bonfire or barbeque, having a luscious lawn will only enhance the experience of your guests. You won’t want them to be walking through patches of dirt and mud to get to the fun!

Picture Perfect knows how to inspire a gathering space by ensuring that we don’t skip steps!

Common Lawn Care Needs in Alpharetta

Common Lawn Care Needs in Alpharetta


It might not be common knowledge for everyone when the word aeration comes up, but to the experts at Picture Perfect, we know everything there is to know about it. When your turf’s soil becomes compacted from harsh weather conditions, it will negate its ability to absorb moisture for hydration, nutrients from fertilizers, and the ability to breathe. That’s right – your lawn needs to breathe, even the roots underneath.


The issues with overseeding not working well comes from the soil’s lack of ability to absorb nutrients. So our residents have to think about scenarios – would you take a medicine that was distributed in three rounds, but skip the first round? Probably not. The same mentality applies for your lawn, you shouldn’t skip to overseeding and extra care before aerating your lawn. Overseeding will simply sit on top of your turf if you use that flawed method. By aerating first, you allow your lawn to be prepared to accept the benefits of overseeding.

Our Alpharetta customers can call Picture Perfect today to receive services like aeration and overseeding, lawn care, tree and shrub care, core aeration, and mosquito control!

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