Lawn Care Alpharetta GA

For the majority of homeowners in Alpharetta, and anywhere else for that matter, the lawn makes up the largest part of their landscape. Regardless of whether your lawn is large or small, keeping it thick and healthy will significantly raise your home's property value. Picture Perfect's lawn care service is a seven step program that is spread out evenly throughout the year. While grass growth certainly slows down during the winter season, it does not completely stop. Unfortunately, that also means weeds will not go dormant. The good news is, our trained technicians will see to it that your lawn is properly nourished, with weeds kept to the point where the turf remains unthreatened. The annual program begins at any time in the first three months of the year. The first two rounds consist of a pre and post-emergent weed control application and a nitrogen spray which promotes strong root growth. This combination gives your grass a jump on the early growing weeds. As spring goes on, we will return and give your lawn another round of pre and post-emergent weed spray to combat the persistent crabgrass that prefer this climate. The liquid fertilization will prepare your grass for the hot summer. For those with fescue grass, it will also get a nitrogen spray. The summer is when your grass will experience the most stress. The hot weather can be formidable without proper nutrients. The liquid fertilizer application will be accompanied by a weed control spray, repelling floral pests that would steal the nutrients from your turf. Fescue turf will also receive a chelated iron treatment to prevent it from burning from an excessive imbalance of nitrogen. In the early part of fall, we also lay down a pre and post-emergent weed control with a root fertilizer. This will serve as a preliminary barrier against the weeds that prefer cooler weather. It also develops a stronger root system. During the autumn is also when we do our annual lawn aeration. The holes that we make into the clay soil will relieve compaction, and allow our lawn fertilizer to more easily penetrate through, getting to the roots of your turf. Our sixth visit is what we believe to be the most important. Preparing your lawn for winter includes guarding it from the infamous annual bluegrass. Our Bayer products will keep this very resilient weed from displacing your grass in the autumn. This is very important to the long term health of your lawn. Our Poa annua treatment along with pre and post-emergent treatment with potassium will effectively winterize your lawn. During our last annual visit, we will make use of our Cowturf product to balance the pH of your soil. This will prepare it to grow more actively after the winter ends. Should your grass be fescue, it will also receive a high nitrogen fertilizer to promote deeper root growth along with a greener color. When looking for a lawn care company, you may come across several of our competitors offering an eight step program. The fact is, every time an application is laid down on your grass, it will last at least 45 days, and potentially up to 65. Seven steps is enough to cover the entire year, and an eighth only means more money out of your pocket. If you live in the Alpharetta area, why not deal with both a knowledgeable and an honest lawn care service? Please contact us today for more information.