Gardening At Home: Best Indoor Succulents For Beginners

Succulents are in high demand right now and for good reason. They are small, easy to care for, and easy to propagate. These hardy plants grow in the most extreme environments on the planet and have adapted to it. This is great for people you have killed more than their share of house plants. Succulents are exotic looking plants that can change the entire mood and atmosphere of a room.

Burro’s Tail 

Burro’s tail is a great conversation piece. This elegant plant looks sophisticated and is the ideal plant for a study or office. It’s long drooping stems resemble a braided burro’s tail and often attracts the most attention in the room. It does well in a well-drained planting pot in plenty of sunlight. Slowly acclimate it by gradually exposing it to more and more sunlight. Burro’s tail looks great in standing pots or hanging pots.

Star Window Plant

Star window plants look small but they are tough. They can be placed just about anywhere in a room as they don’t need a lot of sunlight. It has pale green leaves that are fleshy and bulbous with dark stripes running across the length. As with most succulents, the biggest danger is overwatering.


Believe it or not, these colorful stones are actually plants native to the arid deserts of southern Africa. Indoors, lithops require 4-5 hours of sunlight a day and shade for the rest of it. Lithops have adapted to the dry climates of southern Africa by storing water in their leaves for months. Only water them when the soil is completely dry.


Succulents are easy to like because of their ease of care and slow growth patterns. The Echeveria is just such a succulent, thriving on neglect, little water, and poor soils. That’s because echeveria is a desert plant and has adapted to harsh environments. They come in a variety of colors, tones, and textures for you to mix and match. Only water echeveria when the soil feels dry. 


Jade is a very cool looking plant that hails from South Africa. It has thick stems and flat glossy leaves. Jade enjoys brightly lit areas but can become sunburnt if the light is too intense. Only water jade once every week or so. In the winter, allow jade to go longer between waterings. If you care for jade right it can live up to 100 years.


Humans have been cultivating and growing aloe vera plants for literally thousands of years. It is one of the most well-known medicinal plants on the planet. You would think that a plant as beneficial and important as aloe would require a master’s degree in gardening to provide care for. Quite the opposite. Aloe is a very hardy and tolerant plant that is very hard to kill. Aloe only needs to be watered once in a good while. The only thing you need to worry about is overwatering it. When aloe reaches maturity after a few years, you can break off the branches and harvest your own aloe gel for use in recipes and soothing gels.

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